michaelanneI am a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech.  My work draws on the fields of Social Computing and ICTD (Information Communication Technologies & Development), to study how people collaboratively access and participate with internet technologies in resource-constrained contexts, as well as the barriers that limit participation.

Drawing on my training as a sociocultural anthropologist, my work focuses on underserved groups to investigate (1) internet access in resource-constrained regions; (2) the design of citizen-led information systems; and (3) social media use for social change.

My dissertation analyzes how individuals in Havana, Cuba, collaboratively piece together multiple information infrastructures to create a uniquely “Cuban” internet against the backdrop of prohibitive access to the world wide web.

At Georgia Tech, I am advised by Amy Bruckman and Neha Kumar and I’m a member of the ELC Lab and the TanDem Lab.  I am also a Microsoft Research Ph.D. Fellow.

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10.30.18 – I presented my work at Microsoft Research’s Ph.D. Summit.

10.12.18 – I was named a 2018-2019 Foley Scholar.

8.16.18 – I was awarded the $10,000 Global Impact Award from the ARCS Foundation!

8.6.18 – I was named a Foley Scholar Award Finalist.

5.24.18 – This summer, I’m working with Mary Gray as a research intern at Microsoft Research New England.

4.26.18 – I presented my paper,  “El Paquete Semanal: The Week’s Internet in Havana,” at the 2018 CHI Conference.

4.21.18 – I attended the Doctoral Consortium at the 2018 CHI Conference in Montreal.

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