michaelanneI am a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech.  My work lies at the intersections of social computing, human-computer interaction & development (HCID), and anthropology to study information communication systems in constrained environments.

I am interested in the social processes that individuals undertake to stitch together communication technologies to navigate situations of political and economic duress.

My dissertation work explores evolving internet and social media engagements in Havana, Cuba, and the local innovations that have resulted due to a lack of access to the world wide web.

At Georgia Tech, I am advised by Amy Bruckman and Neha Kumar and I’m a member of the ELC Lab and the TanDem Lab.  I am also a Microsoft Research Ph.D. Fellow.

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5.24.18 – This summer, I’m working with Mary Gray as a research intern at Microsoft Research New England.

4.26.18 – I presented my paper,  “El Paquete Semanal: The Week’s Internet in Havana,” at the 2018 CHI Conference.

4.21.18 – I attended the Doctoral Consortium at the 2018 CHI Conference in Montreal.

3.21.18 – I gave a talk titled “Seamfully Interwoven: Piecing Together Cuba’s Internet,” at the University of Kentucky’s School of Information Science.

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